My journey with photography has always been a part of my life. I was fascinated by my uncles SLR as a child. The sharp, clear photos were so compelling to a child drawn to imagery. When I got married my husband bought me a film SLR and my journey to learn photography started there. I stalked Barnes and Nobles bookshelves for any kind of information a beginner could use. Then the internet came into my life along with years of breastfeeding kids and that meant I had the time and access to learn photography. When I started selling my clothing designs I had to also learn how to photograph and present them the best way possible because they were sold on the internet. This was before Etsy was here and all the online shops were popular. It was a unique experience to buy clothing you couldn’t try on or touch over the internet. So clear photos with lots of detail was important. Thankfully a seasoned mentor came into my life and taught me in a very easy to understand way. I also had small sometimes unwilling subjects to photograph that looked adorable no matter what they had on or where they were. So I ran with it and fell deeply in love with the art of capturing life on film.

My kids grew and became very unwilling so I thought I would venture into photography as a business. I came to dread photography when pay was involved so I dropped that idea. When it became a “job” the fun was gone. I couldn’t bear to ruin something so precious to me and my time was equally as valuable and my area couldn’t support what it was worth for me to do it .

Capturing the beauty around me has always been an urge or need in my life. That urgency to try to save the moment for posterity. Sometimes the memory needs a jog thru a photo. Here I will share some of my photography. This is a minute sampling of what I have. I will add more as I find or take them.

I shoot with:

Canon 7D, 50mm 1.8 and 85mm 1.8. I’m a little is more kind of gal, I’m not very creative when I have too many choices. I am looking to add a wide-angle to my bag for more landscapes.