FarmVogue Gardens

Gardening is one of the fuels that makes me breathe! I thrive in a garden. Dirt under the nails, sun on my back and the wind on my face is my idea of Heaven on earth! I find it fascinating that God created man and placed him in a garden…….our lives are so intertwined and dependent upon the ground we walk on. Gardening is something that I’ve learned as an adult. I wasn’t interested nor paid much attention to it as a child. So it has been a process of trial and error, lots of research and talking to local gardeners. I’ve learned so much and gained so much experience with what works well for my gardens over the past few years. I’m in zone 6b for those interested. Below is a list of plants I enjoy growing.

  1. Mums (160 last count!)
  2. Grasses of all types
  3. Roses
  4. Gomphrena
  5. Elephant ears
  6. David Austin Roses
  7. Hyacinth Bean Vine
  8. Coreposis
  9. Gallardia
  10. Sedums
  11. Veggies
  12. Annuals
  13. Echinacea
  14. Black eyed susan
  15. Tulips
  16. Hyacinths
  17. Alliums
  18. Lambs ear
  19. Salvia
  20. Succulents
  21. Cannas
  22. Yarrow
  23. Pinks
  24. Blue Flax
  25. Hyssop (purple)
  26. Verbena
  27. Lily of the Valley
  28. Bamboo
  29. Butterfly weed
  30. Cotton

And so many more!

Gardening is life! I will be sharing photos of my gardens past and present here and on the blog. Take a look around.

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