Lilly Anna Boutique

Sewing and creating has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve always had the urge and compulsion to create something. When I became pregnant with my first child (a boy) I taught myself to make baby blankets with matching burp cloths. Then I got my little girl and I had enough confidence to venture into trying clothing for her. By the time she was around 3 (2006) I had enough people telling me that I needed to sell them to make me step out and try. I didn’t know where to start selling because in 2006 there was no Etsy, Instagram, or Pinterest. Twitter had just launched that year and Facebook was only 2 years old. It was not a normal thing to buy clothing online. So I found an ad in the back of a magazine (don’t remember the magazine) that showed similar style dresses being sold on Ebay. So I joined Ebay and found the world of boutique groups, joined some and started selling.

Over time my style and designs changed and my little girl grew up and stopped wearing what I made her so I moved into women’s clothing and making myself some clothes. Funny how when they let you dress them you totally forget about dressing yourself. The minute they stopped, I realized that my own wardrobe had suffered for years and I had fun sewing for myself. 😉 I currently still make a few girls things but most is geared towards women. You will also find a selection of digital PDF patterns for creating your own clothing designs!

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