I have been doing a lot of vision/mission work lately and just really defining what my purpose for life is. I believe God placed a gift, an ability inside each of us that he expects us to use for his kingdom and glory. I have finally come to terms with what my area is and while its not something I would have ever chosen, it’s my purpose nonetheless. Remember, he calls and chooses, not the other way around.

I did a look back over my life to see what the theme is and I realized that what brings me the greatest joy in life is empowering others….showing them what they’re capable of.

First of all I want to empower you with an incredible plan of salvation (Acts 2:38-39) There is no greater joy than to see someone empowered with that gift and power!

Secondly I can empower women by teaching them how to sew, by giving them the resources they need to create something beautiful or to make some extra money!

Then I have another avenue to empower others thru a direct sales company. The team, products, comp plan and comaradre are second to none and is a perfect fit for certain individuals!

But that wasn’t enough for me. There are so many more that I wish to empower but aren’t interested in any of the above options so what was I supposed to do?

Let me take you back a few years….

During my formative years I lived with a defeated and inferiority mindset….a victim in my mind because I wasn’t born with a certain personality. I lived in a great home with a wonderful raising but that just proves that are biggest battles are those in our mind. Those paradigms that control us. God has since taken me down such a transformative and liberating path that has set me free from so much mental anguish and bondage. As I continued to grow and be set free the desire to share it with others became a roaring flame. It could not be put out, with each new discovery it grew bigger. I looked around and saw women and girls around me living with a defeated and inferior mindset and it became my mission to help them be set free from this! There is victory!

Now this leads to today. I have now added one more way to empower others to my arsenal and I’m super excited about it! I’ll announce it tomorrow!

But for now, a little explanation of why you’re seeing more pictures of my face. I don’t share pictures of myself because I think I look good or want you to look at me. If you actually only knew……I’d rather NOT have to use this platform and would rather interact in person if I had the choice but this is where God has placed me so I’m trying to use it wisely. These photos and my posts are simply a sorting tool. They will repel the people I’m not meant to help and attract those who I am meant to help. By sharing my face, my life, by being personal it will either resonate with you or not. I want to EMPOWER as many people as I possibly can while I use this platform and that means you have to resonate and connect with me and what I’m saying. You have to trust me. If I never show my face, my life experiences, who I am you would not be likely to trust me when I popped on here to tell you I’m here to help you.  So as much as I’d rather not do it, there is a reason. I am not here for self promotion but I am my business and there is absolutely no way around it if I want to be successful at it. If I’m not going to do it properly then there is no sense in wasting my time.

So here’s my face again with my teenage daughter because my heart YEARNS to reach this age. To connect with them on a deep level and empower them to be victorious over the mental anguish that torments them. They already have the power, they just need help seeing it!

Do you or someone you know, maybe your daughter need some encouragement or help seeing their value? I’d love to chat!