My first job.


My first job.

My first job was a radio announcer on nights and weekends. That job was so far out of my comfort zone and out of character for me and I ended up hating it because it was lonely to sit and talk to ones self for hours. 😅

I find it so ironic that “speaking to people” was so out of character and uncomfortable for me and now it’s what I love to do probably as much as I love to shop or drink coffee. Unbelievable, right? 😅 Only I don’t enjoy announcing songs or the weather, I love speaking life and encouragement into people’s lives. Funny how God knows what we’re destined to do before we do.😄 He starts us on a journey to his intended destination if we let him.

At this time in my life in this photo all I wanted to do was avoid people. Not draw attention, not make any disturbances, just put my head down and silently do what I needed to do. To go into my home, be a wife, have and love on babies and not come out of my shell. And that is what I did and is perfectly fine and normal but that’s not all God intended me to do.

I speak a lot about what your vision and mission is for your life and I hope that you don’t interpret that as what your doing now as “just a wife” or “just a mom” as not being important. It is one of THE most important jobs on the planet! But if you put all of your value into those roles and they are taken from you either by time or tragedy, what is your purpose and mission then? One day your kids will leave and you will be left wondering who you are and what you are supposed to be doing now.

A fulfilling vision or mission will never be self serving. It will always benefit someone else or else you won’t be fulfilled. So I use this platform to get you to think about what you’re capable of even in the role you’re playing now. What is your passion, that thing that sparks life when you talk about it, that thing that you want to share with someone else? Chances are your mission lies in that. In perpetuating the gift that God placed inside of you. You have a unique gift to offer this world and you can start working on it, perfecting it, sharing it NOW!

What have you been thru that you’ve gotten victory over? That is a gift you can share with others! My gift to others is sharing how they can overcome their feelings of inadequacy, intimidation and self limiting beliefs. To show someone how to push beyond where they are now and to dream beyond what they thought possible for themselves. Then give them the tools they need to achieve those goals.

Take a look at your life and experiences and see what wisdom you can share. Find that passion and build on it. There’s never a better time to start working on your gift than now!