Your model of the world

Let me tell you a little secret that I have studying this week and can’t get out of mind…………..

Did you know that you, and me, and your neighbor, best friend, child, husband, etc all have a different model of the world? It’s actually incredible if you think about it! That people can be raised in the same way by the same parents and have a different model of the world.

So what is a “model of the world”? It’s a persons concept of how the world works, how people operate, how we perceive things, how we process experiences and emotions, how we react and respond, how we interact with others, etc. and it’s all filtered thru our life experiences and history up until that point. This is why a dozen people can see the same accident and everyone will give a different testimony of the event. We see things thru our model of the world.

NLP tells us that “people do not experience, or interact with, `reality` for a number of reasons including:
***it is physiologically impossible
***each persons senses are developed to different degrees and are used differently
***in thinking a persons `filters` the incoming data from the world creating quite a selective internal version of reality”

WHY am I tell you all of this? Because social media and the enemy has a way of pointing out our DIFFERENCES and “exploiting” them rather than illuminating why we are ALIKE. But we aren’t alike you might say, you just spent 5 minutes of my time showing me why. How could we not see our differences….?

Let me put it to you this way.
Have you ever said “I don’t fit in”?
I know I have! And to be honest, I’ve wallowed in that at times which is exactly what the enemy wants. He wants you to SEE and FEEL why you’re different from your friends rather than why you are LIKE them!

I already told you it’s not humanly possible to be or see anything like anyone else in this world so why do we get so hung up on “fitting in”?? Why is it such a big deal to merge into and become lost in a group just so we feel like we fit in?? Do we really want to lose our identity and uniqueness to fit in with a group? I guarantee you that no one wants to lose their unique identity yet we feel left out if we don’t “fit in”!

So why do we feel this feeling of not fitting in? It’s a trick of the enemy to isolate and then annihilate you by cutting you off from the ones that could help you the most. When you feel like you don’t fit in with them or when you focus on those feelings of not fitting in instead of focusing on why you are alike, and what strength you bring to the relationship you are exactly in the place he wants you. He’s reallllly good at pointing out why your’re different and so is social media.

Me: Just finished pilates class, I feel so much stronger! I love it! (these types of posts are to expose someone to an idea that they might not have tried yet and could possibly have a positive impact on their life)

Person #1: I tried pilates and it didn’t work, I hated it.
Person #2: My doctor said pilates is harmful.
Person #3: Why do you hate me? I don’t like pilates!
Person #4: You are so judgmental of people that don’t do pilates or exercise!
Person #5: You really need Jesus because you have issues with people who don’t do pilates
Person #6: This post is so insensitive to those of us who don’t like/can’t/won’t do pilates. How dare you!

Ya’ll. I’d love to say this is a really far fetched scenario but it’s not. It’s an example of exploiting why we’re different instead of what we have in common. It’s the enemy trying to divide people.

I have been on social platforms for 17 years and it did not used to be this way. It’s like people have went nuts. The #1 rule for social media today: people can’t handle opposition but yet seek out why they’re different from everyone else so they can feel left out and antagonize others. Makes zero sense.

The whole point of this post was to show you how the enemy wants us to be suspicious of each other, to withdraw, to focus on why we’re different, to not trust each other, how we don’t fit in.

You are UNIQUE and have a unique viewpoint, there is no doubt of that! But CELEBRATE that uniqueness the next time you feel like you don’t fit in. Focus on the STRENGTHS you bring to the table, they are unlike anyone else’s. You have a view of the world that is completely unique and VALUABLE! Don’t let your focus get off on the wrong thing because you will get distracted from your purpose for being there.

I have struggled with these very feelings for a lot of my life. A few years ago I had an experience that changed my perspective on it. I now go into a situation looking for somewhere to use my strengths or someone to help/encourage. But sometimes old demons try to pop back up and recently I was in a situation that made those feelings start rising up. The old version of me started looking for the exit. The “in progress” version of me started doing battle with the old me. Nope, there is a purpose for you being here, don’t be defeated, don’t let those feelings of not fitting in run you out the door. And guess what? Within about 30 minutes of winning that battle I discovered the reason I was there when I shifted my focus from why I didn’t fit in to “who am I here to help”. That ended up being a pivotal experience for both of us!

I hate how degraded social media has become. People see a post and immediately if it doesn’t line up with their views something is wrong with the person who posted it or them for not being/liking/understanding the post. You don’t have to agree with this post at all IF you read it. But make no mistake, there is an enemy that will use every tool available to sown and create division. Knowing that we all have a different model of the world and that none of our views are actually reality should clue us in that anything we see posted or hear is not actually how it really is. It’s just our perception filtered thru our life experiences.

Having a different model of the world doesn’t mean yours is flawed, better, worse, right or wrong, it’s just your model of the world. Of course if you are in a organization you will follow a predetermined set of rules that makes it fair for all. That is only fair because we all have a different model of the world and would adjust accordingly which would be different for everyone. We live within parameters in nearly every area except our minds. We let our view of the world dictate and taint our experiences and relationships when it’s literally NOT reality.

I think this is why we are to pray for the MIND of Christ because ours is so jaded. Romans chapter 8 is a great place to take this subject…..I want to be led by the Spirit and be a son (daughter) of God! And as always, I want to encourage others to use this platform for the good. As you scroll assess your mindset when you see something that doesn’t match you. Of course there are non-negotiables that I will never agree on but if Susie likes purple and I don’t like purple, that’s OK! We shouldn’t be cookie cutters, we are different and unique but made in the image of the SAME God! Look for the reasons you are ALIKE and the beautiful things you have in common. Each person you come in contact with has so much beauty to offer when we stop looking at why we’re not compatible.

Ps. I feel like this should have a disclaimer because there are some situations/people/sin/lifestyles/etc that I will never be aligned with nor have anything in common. I don’t expose myself to certain things for the sake of being “well rounded”. I assume that everyone reading this knows my parameters that I write out of when I write these types of posts. There are models of the world that I completely disagree with of course. I do not have those types of things in my feed. I am referring to the things that show up in my feed or life that fall within my parameters that I’ve set for myself. I’m not required to budge on my convictions to accommodate anyone but if they were standing in front of me I can and will be kind and courteous knowing there is a reason for the encounter. I just don’t allow things into my feed and life that will challenge, antagonize and endanger my core parameters and beliefs. This post is just referencing the normal differences I have with people that fit within my parameters. Everyone should have their own parameters. I don’t fit in some peoples parameters and that’s ok. 

So to wrap this up remember that we were ALL created in the image of the SAME God and guess who wants to make us forget that by pointing out why we are different and don’t fit in with each other? If we’re all made in the image of the same God shouldn’t we be alike??? Something to think about next time you don’t feel like you fit in….


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