Social Media Etiquette

Social media etiquette

It doesn’t matter what you post, how often or little you post, if it’s funny, thought provoking, sad, or happy, if you’re close to the person or not some people will NOT like, comment or support you on social media. Ever. Don’t get attached to the idea.

That doesn’t mean you have a problem, it means they have a problem. With you usually. 😜

Shine on though because your true tribe will rise to the top just like cream on milk. Appreciate those people, invest in those people. They are either consciously or subconsciously showing you their support or lack of with their “voice”.

Jacob was deceived by a touch. He knew the voice wasn’t Esuas but he let a touch fool him. Don’t let someone deceive you with a hug while their mouth is telling you something different.

Forgive? Yes!
Forget? Yes, Try to!
Let them have an effect on you with their actions? No!

Disconnect your value from those people. They don’t determine your worth no matter who they are, what role they play in your life or how much you want them to be. That’s not how this game of life works. It’s easy to fall into that way of thinking and that’s exactly what the enemy wants. For you to lose focus of the gems in your life and only see the bad apples.

Here’s a piece of advice for you if you don’t want to be “that person”. If you have friends on social media that are important to you in your real life show them support online. It’s that simple. Don’t discriminate on social media if you wouldn’t do it to the same person in real life. It’s easy to sit behind a screen and pick and choose your favorites and leave others wondering what they’ve done. Of course there is no way to comment on every single thing every time but I’ve been watching this scenario for months and I know there have been times to remedy it, it’s just not important and/or they have a problem.

Now some are going to read this and think I’m fishing for likes or comments and I’m not. 🤦🏼‍♀️ If you think I’m hung up on likes or comments or even NOTICE THE NUMBER OF THEM, you don’t know me. 😁 I NEVER look at the number of likes, comments, followers, etc. never have, never will. It’s not something that is important to me at all. But there are some people that do care, that do notice the discrimination, that are new and may be struggling on a new life path.

Help me it easier for them via social media! That’s the whole point of this post. Don’t cherry pick your favorites and ignore someone who’s day may be changed or uplifted with your encouraging comment. If you literally never comment on anything, fine. Continue to do that. If you only comment on certain people and never anyone else that is supposed to be “close” and dear to you…..🤔….might want to evaluate why you’re doing that. Because it’s sending a message loud and clear whether you intend to or not.

Use social media responsibly. It’s a tool and it’s a powerful one. How are you using it?