Are you worth $4?

Weekly Pilates class because I’m worth $4 and 30 minutes a week. If you as a woman think your health and fitness level doesn’t affect your family, you’re wrong!

It 100% does.


You don’t wake up one day a complete train wreck. It’s a slow process. I have let myself get almost to the point of train wreck before I put the brakes back on. Made some commitments to myself and my family that I refuse to back out of. Right now it’s just committing to one 30 minute class a week until I get a new habit formed. I have a full gym in my basement but so is my business. Guess what I don’t do at home regardless of the fact that I have the equipment.

It’s a paradigm of mine that I’m committed to break this year. For my sake and my family’s sake. They don’t need a broken, helpless mother that they have to fuss over it it’s in my power to change it.

#40 is one year away and I’ve always said I would be in the best shape of my life by then, not the worst as I’ve been on track for. 😜

Sometimes we make goals so big and distant that we disconnect our daily activities and commitments to it thinking that “someday” we will get to it.

THIS IS YOUR YEAR! Stop disconnecting from it. Stop shelving it for later. TODAY IS THE DAY!

What are you going to change this year?