The crazy fad diet.

Keto seemed so hard and intimidating before I started. I gave up multiple times before trying because of this. But one day I reached that breaking point where I was more anxious for change than fear of failure and I jumped. I had a unhealthy relationship with carbs and needed the break. My teenage acne looking face needed something drastic to change as well. 🙈 This was it. It’s almost intuitive. When you find your particular health groove it’s not hard. Lean into the healthy way of eating best suited to you. I couldn’t do vegan or fruit based diet because I am not a huge fan. I eat enough of them (except fruit, I am not a fruit fan🙈) to be healthy but it’s not the bulk of my diet. If you eat a ton of fruit and veg keto might not be for you. The point is there is a fit for everyone, don’t give up until you find what works for you!

Oh and my face? My face doesn’t even break out when our aunt is visiting. 😉😅 only on rare occasions! 💃🏼

Ps. that is sugar free creamer, low carb. Or low enough for me. 😉