You are only as isolated as you choose to be.

Isolation doesn’t happen when others don’t reach out to you, it happens when you stop reaching out to others. When you stop inviting them into your world, your mind, your home, your problems, your thoughts, your abundance with the intentions of helping them with THEIR problems, not yours.

See there’s this magical thing that happens when your attention shifts from your problems to helping others with theirs. Your problems start disappearing! 😍

Sometimes it’s nothing physical that you do that breaks the isolation. It can be as simple and hard as letting someone into your heart.

Trust is a fragile thing I get it. Mine has been shattered over and over thru the years. But I choose to believe in the goodness of humanity over the evil. I choose to trust and believe that God can heal and protect my heart should I put it in a place of potential hurt while trying to help someone else.

My businesses are on social media platforms, a potentially brutal place. I share deeply personal struggles and thoughts here knowing full well that they could be misinterpreted or used to abuse me later. But I also know the power of letting people in, letting them see your struggles and humanity and see your need for help. It helps others to know that they are not alone. It helps others feel needed when they see your need for them. Don’t hide behind isolation. No one can drag you out of it. It’s your choice.

I can say all of this because I’ve been there. And it’s still a natural tendency to go there that I have to consciously fight almost daily. It’s a war in my members to protect myself with isolation or show my vulnerabilities and let it be a blessing to someone else.


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