They kept saying things won’t change until you change and frankly, it made me mad. They don’t understand my situation I would tell myself! If they only knew what it was like to be in my shoes they’d be singing a different story. Yep, I found every excuse to excuse myself from taking responsibility for my current situation.

Until I happened upon Bible based personal development and ingested enough of it to change my paradigm. I was looking for something to comfort me AS I WAS, not change me! lol! I was right………or so I thought! I would go to my grave justifying my reasons.

I had no idea that something could change my life and mindset so profoundly. I can’t stop talking about it because…… CHANGED everything in my life! It was a paradigm shift and if you’ve ever had one you’ll know what I mean. A example of a paradigm shift that most can understand is the moment you become a parent. That is a paradigm shift. That is what happened to me on this personal development journey and why it has impacted me so deeply. And why I can’t and won’t shut up about it. lol!

Because I KNOW the power it has! I know how drastically a persons life can change. And I feel called to share it!

If you’re scared of personal development (and yes there are some with a humanistic approach) I challenge you to read this book. It is the ultimate in personal development in my opinion. You can’t turn a page without reading scripture and finding these principals tied to God’s word. I literally sat and cried for days when I learned these things. The love that the creator has for us is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever imagined!

Switch on your brain by Dr Caroline Leaf