Done is Better than Perfect.

Have you ever lingered in the valley of indecision? I know I have many times and on many subjects.


Because it’s easier not to make a decision. But we aren’t being effective if we hang out there. The devil isn’t threatened by those who are in the valley of indecision. He knows they won’t accomplish anything or touch anyone if he can keep them there.

James 2:14-17

It’s not good enough just to have faith. That’s like having a can of gas but no vehicle to fuel. You have to put it into something and USE it! Done is better than perfect!

James 2:26

Have you ever not done something because you know it won’t be perfect or at least how you’d like for it to be? Have you ever not sang, learned a instrument or new skill, reached out to someone because you were afraid of failure? Do you realize that there is no such thing as perfect?  Which means that those people you are trying to reach won’t be able to relate and connect with you if you were perfect? Imperfection is attractive because it’s real. But what is more attractive and powerful is confidence and embracing your imperfections and still stepping out. People can relate to that and see that it’s ok to not be perfect. You can still do things even if they aren’t perfect. Only time and practice can perfect some things so if you never start how do you think you can attain perfection?

James 2:18 says your faith is displayed BY your works not vice versus. Works means you’re taking action not just sitting around thinking about it. Done is better than perfect!

For instance, I’m a terrible writer. My grammar, sentence structure, speaking, etc all need major help. But if I let that intimidate me and hold me back I wouldn’t be posting this. I know that putting it out there is better than perfection because I’ll never reach perfection. If I let fear and intimidation hold me captive I wouldn’t put myself out there on social media or in real life. I’d live in my little quiet shell being ineffective. No matter how imperfect I am there is always at least ONE person that I can help. And that’s why I do it.

Done is my word for this year. It implies that a decision was made, commitment was made, faith was put into action and something happened. That is how I want to live my life, knowing I didn’t sit and think about doing it. I got it DONE! Past tense.

I hope you will apply this to your mindset especially if you’re of the perfectionist mindset. Let it go and get it done! Done is better than perfect!