37 things I’ve learn at 37.

  1. Say I love you more
  2. Forgive more
  3. Grace
  4. Mercy
  5. Peace
  6. Squeeze every moment
  7. Don’t take the good days for granted
  8. Take more pictures
  9. Relish good health
  10. Move your body more
  11. Give more hugs
  12. Smile as often as possible and then some
  13. Turn your face to the Sun
  14. Sing loudly
  15. Get dirt under your fingernails
  16. Write down your thoughts and things you learn or hear
  17. Swim every time you can
  18. Savor meal time
  19. Cuddle your kids
  20. Try to outdo your spouse with love, kindness and things they love
  21. Spend more time on a swing, with coffee and an animal that loves you
  22. Put more good things in your mind
  23. Take more drives
  24. Worship like no one is watching
  25. Stay grounded
  26. Sunshine and dirt cures a multitude of woes
  27. Jesus is a healer and keeper
  28. Have less things
  29. Deep breathing & stretching
  30. Listen closely
  31. Eat cleanly
  32. Reply slowly
  33. Love deeply
  34. Hate rarely
  35. Kiss daily
  36. Pray continually
  37. Give thanks unceasingly

And for this I give You praise!