MONAT goes to the UK!

Girls!!!!!!! This is huge!! You may or may not know, I signed up as a Market Partner with Monat Global in October of 2017. I stared using the products as a customer in September 2017 expecting to hopefully have results in 3 months. After two weeks I couldn’t believe how amazing and healthy my hair felt and I couldn’t keep my hands out of it so I knew I had to sell it because I wouldn’t quit talking about it!

So I switched to a Market Partner and it’s been a crazy, fast and wild ride since then! I cannot believe how quickly my business and team has exploded! God is doing amazing things with this and I can’t wait to see what he does next!

With that said, Monat is opening up in the UK! The potential is tremendous! Can you imagine being the first one to open a new company in a different country?? A company that is set to be a BILLION dollar company this YEAR! This isn’t a new company launching in a new country, it’s an established, exploding company launching in a new country! It’s incredible!

So I’m looking for any kind of contacts or connections to anyone in the UK, from the UK or with connections to the UK! I’d love help them get started with this amazing opportunity!