Hello and welcome to my website! So what’s up with this? Why “another” site? Haha! Well, that’s exactly WHY I’ve created another website. I have so many different interests and businesses and it gets overwhelming trying to maintain and share them all on different platforms. This way I can condense everything onto one site and send friends to this address instead of 3 different ones.

My goal for this website is number one, to motivate and inspire someone to take some action and make life happen FOR you, not TO you. My wish is for you to learn something, let go of something, love someone, go places, take chances and just DREAM! So take a look around and check back often for blog posts and updates!

My family is my pride and joy! This is what I dreamed of as a young girl…….a husband that adores me and my own babies to hold! My babies are quite big now but I still try to hold them as often as possible. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! We’re loving life and enjoying the blessings of God!

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Home is our favorite place to be but we also LOVE to travel and especially to anywhere tropical! The ocean is in my blood. Landlocked in body but a mermaid at heart. 😉 I adore history and archaeology as well. Ahhh…….to be able to travel the world! I’m on a mission to collect moments, not things.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

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Cozumel 2015

We also enjoy fine dining, gourmet meals and just eating out in general. Our life revolves around food and we thoroughly enjoy experiencing new flavors and experiences! One of our favorite places to enjoy a variety of foods is on a cruise. So much variety and cultures to experience. And who doesn’t love the 5 star treatment?! 🙂


We also love being on the water whether it be fishing, swimming or tubing! This family is a water obsessed family. All of our vacations, weekend excursions and free time usually revolve around water of some sort.

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Thanks for stopping by!